The Book “Visual Language of Men’s Clothing Tie”

Mithat Giyim considers the field of ready-made clothing as a life culture, not as a mere industrial and commercial activity. Clothing culture is among the main elements of the life culture. The book “Visual Language of Men’s Clothing: Tie” is a small but significant link in the principle of serving the Turkish Clothing Culture, which has now become a tradition of the Mithat Giyim.

Tie with shirt being its essential partner is one of the significant items in men’s clothing. A tie is a signature of a man reflecting his character and life style. A proper tie gives meaning to men’s clothing. A bad tie on the other hand destroys the whole outfit. Tie is the only accessory which can simultaneously become conservative and modern as well as contemporary. Due to subjective expression of ties, each one has different color and design.

The book on ties is a valuable and significant work for the clothing culture all over the world, not just for Turkish ready-made clothing culture. The book which brings ties from the depth of past to present time is in this sense a rare item in the world.