The Book “Mithat”, From the Eye of a Needle to the World Fashion

The book From the Eye of a Needle to the World Fashion narrates the development of the young Mithat Giyim as a part of the progress of the young Turkish Republic starting from the year the latter was declared in 1923.

Mithat Gürsoy’s long and meaningful life throughout the period of Ottomans, declaration of the Republic and the modern Turkey is interestingly parallel with the historical journey of his country. In this period, Mithat Gürsoy and his achievements experienced the same transformation with the Republic. For instance, the towns, manual labor and workshops have been replaced by cities, machinery and factories respectively. The process that Gürsoy rejected the hafiz model incorporating baggy trousers, turban, and Arabic as the foreign language, and has become a leading industrialist who speaks English and French is like a reflection of modernization process of Turkey on an individual.