The Book “Clothing Culture and Fashion From Past to Present”

Mithat Giyim has contributed to culture and literature world with its book called “Clothing Culture and Fashion from Past to Present”, which is about the apparel culture from the first ages to present time. The book is the only one of its kind focusing on clothing culture from the prehistoric times to present, including the Ottoman – Turkish synthesis.

The book, numbered and restricted to 1000 copies, was written by A. Tahir Gürsoy, the Chairman of the Mithat Group. It consists of 4 chapters: Clothing Culture in Ancient Anatolian Civilizations, Anatolia Folk Costumes, History of Western Clothing, and Ottoman – Turkish Fashion.

The book prepared by Tahir Gürsoy, the Chairman of the Mithat Group operating in clothing sector since 1937, is a reference book studying the apparel world for professionals of the fashion world and all consumers.

The book explains the fact that the success achieved by Turkey in textile and ready-made garment manufacturing and trade in the last 25 years is not a coincidence, and that Mesopotamia and Turkey are the real sources of the world’s culture and clothing history.

Following the first volume of the Clothing Culture and Fashion from Past to Present, which is already published, second and third volumes will be prepared and made available for the textile and fashion world soon.