The Book “Step by Step Success”

Another link of the mission of the Mithat Giyim to contribute to the society and the culture is the book called “Step by Step Success”, which is published within the scope of the project called “Successful Human Being Successful Life Project” developed with intentions to raise healthy generations. Our goal is to contribute to basing parent – child relations on solid foundations and to establish healthy relations with children and young people of our times in order to support raising generations who are self confident and useful for the society.

This book, written as if told by children in plain and fluent language, is authored by Dr. Erdal Atabek, distinguished writer whose expertise in this area has long been appreciated, and enriched by cartoons by esteemed Piyale Marda.

The book is available for sale at all Mithat Selection Stores, Remzi Book Stores and many Migros supermarkets.

All proceeds from the book have been donated to TEGV (Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey), the most widespread NGO operating in Turkey in the field of education. TEGV runs education programs which are parallel to curriculum of the Ministry of National Education in order to support children aged from 7 to 16 to grow up as individuals who reflects, use common sense, are self confident, think, question, criticize and mobilize their own internal creativity.